Wicwas Lake Grange #292 Donates Dictionaries to AES Students


Above left Mr. & Mrs. Boulanger along with Mr. & Mrs. LaFavre describe the Grange to the students.  Above right, students Madison Trombley, Kaili Sack-Boynton and Lucy Montague enjoy looking through their new dictionaries.

As a part of the Grange Student Dictionary Project, Cookie Boulanger, Dennis Boulanger, Paul LaFavre and Diane LaFavre, of the Wicwas Lake Grange #292 visited Ashland Elementary School to distribute new dictionaries to all second and third grade students. The members explained some of the history of the Grange and its involvement in the establishment of the RFD Mail Delivery System, the NH Electrical Coop and the State Police.  They also introduced the students to all of the information that the dictionary holds, including the longest word in the English language which has 1,909 letters. The Grange Student Dictionary Project began in Savannah, GA in 1995 in support of the "Learn to Read, Read to Learn" motto and since that time millions of dictionaries have been donated to students.