Summer Blast Fun!

Ashland Elementary School Students Enjoy Summer Blast Program

Fifteen Ashland Elementary School students in grades 1-5 have spent the past four weeks participating in learning activities that integrate math, literacy and science during Ashland’s Summer Blast program.  Weekly themes have included Fairy Tales and Adventures, Outer Space, STEAM projects and Summer Fun.

The students worked together to build a Fairy Tale Village, to create and paint a model of the Solar System and to solve Boston Museum of Science engineering challenges involving towers, parachutes and solar ovens.  Their days also included a shelter building challenge, daily thought questions, summer journal writing, along with Lego and Play Doh challenges.     


The staff found unique and creative ways to help the students visualize appropriate social distancing measures.  Hula Hoops were placed six feet apart to create personal, safe learning spaces when the students were working outside. Classrooms were set up to also reinforce personal space, students practiced frequent handwashing and the areas were cleaned before and after each day’s activities.

Brian Jones, Summer Blast Teacher, said “The students enjoyed being back in school while learning and working together.  We were happy to see so many students participate.”