Student Council Sponsors Cancer Awareness Week

The AES Student Council is sponsoring Cancer Awareness Week from Monday, January 6th through Friday, January 10th.   Students are encouraged to participate by wearing the colors listed below and by participating in our week long fundraisers also described below.

Monday--Pink/Breast Cancer


Wednesday--Yellow/Bone Cancer

Thursday--Blue/Colan & Prostate Cancer

Friday--Gray/Brain Cancer

Throughout the week there will be various fundraisers occurring in the school.    All students are able to purchase a "Cancer Duck" for $1.00 from the school store.  Throughout this week the school store will be open from 7:40 to 8:00 am.   Middle Tier students are participating in a "Coin Wars" competition (although all staff and students are invited to add cash to any jar throughout the week.)  Each grade level is working to fill special jars with coins and each coin is worth it demoninational value in points.  (eg: a quarter is worth 25 points)  Dollar bill denominations are worth negative points and will bring down the point value of a jar.  In this fun filled event, students tried to sabotage their peers by adding dollar denominations into other jars.  

Funds raised will be donated to First Star Tonight, Plymouth, in memory of beloved foster grandparent Frank White and former student Tiffany Richards.  First Star Tonight is an organization that serves the chronically and terminally ill children and young adults of the Pemi-Baker Valley.