Project Week 2019

In an effort to explore real world issues and to gain new life experiences, Ashland Elementary School Middle Tier students have designed Project Week endeavors that demonstrate how teenagers can make a difference in the lives of others.  Working in teams, the students have identified five world problems and designed activities to combat these issues. 

The Plastic Police have designed and presented a program explaining how plastic has a negative impact on our environment and are challenging students in other schools to take their Plastic Challenge to reduce the amount of plastic they use each day. Their goal is to minimize the amount of plastic used in our community, reducing the plastic that pollutes our oceans and harms ocean life. They have worked to increase awareness, change the habits of kids our age, and raise money to support an organization that helps clean the ocean. Click here to visit the website they have created!

The Animal Enthusiast Society is on a mission to advocate for animals. Over the past week, members of this team volunteered at the Squam Lakes Science Center and New Hampshire Humane Society. They also raised money to sponsor an animal at the SLSC, and are hoping to raise awareness for the just treatment of animals.

The Water Warriors focused on the importance of clean water for everyone.  Through the week, these students set out to serve their community, educate others, and raise money that would impact this global issue.  They examined the drinking water concerns of countries around the world, the United States, and New Hampshire.  The Water Warriors presented their finding to students in several local schools.  In addition, they raised funds, which will be donated to the Water Project, an organization dedicated to making clean water accessible for everyone.

The Ashland Equality Squad is fostering acceptance and empathy while working to negate all forms of hate.  Their mission is to negate hate through intentional acts of kindness, building connections, and increasing empathy throughout our school and greater community. Their We Don’t Say poster campaign and From Africa to Ashland documentary were created to promote equality, understanding, and bring our mission to life.

Team Hope is on a mission to help those who are homeless through spreading awareness, volunteering, and building a shelter. We believe that having a home is a basic human right and have worked with local contractors to build a Tiny House, which will be donated to a local homeless shelter.  The students are also sponsoring a supplies drive that will also be donated to those in need.

This is the fifth year that AES students have had the opportunity to explore real-world activities and hands on experiences during Project Week