Kindergarten Students Release Butterfly

For the past three weeks, Ashland Elementary Kindergarten students have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.  They created a habitat where they could watch the transformation from chrysalis to butterfly. When the insect reached the adult stage, the students along with teacher Mrs. Spears and Ms. Tower released the butterfly into its natural outdoor environment.

(Pictured left, Makenzie Hatch, Isabella Jirkovsky and Louis Zumbach watch the butterfly in its manmade environment; Pictured right, Jace Jolin, Jordan Chamberlin, Ania Navarro, Kendall Perdue, Ethen James and Matthew Corrow eagerly watch to see their butterfly take flight.)

Students were surprised to watch the insect fly right from their teacher’s hand onto the roof of school building directly over their classroom. This activity is an inspiration for the class to take off on their own journey through the alphabet and around the world one letter at a time.  Special thanks to Fern Doucette who provided the classes with the caterpillars.