Congratulations Warrior Award Winners

Congratulations to Oliver Templar, Zelda Brent and Aaron Desmond who were named Ashland Elementary School Warrior Award recipients at a recent all school morning meeting. These students were selected by their tier teachers because they are a positive force within our community. Their attitude, effort and behavior make them role-models for all of our members. Warrior Award recipients consistently incorporate the AES Core Values of honesty, respect, integrity, caring, loyalty, citizenship, responsibility and fairness into their daily lives.

Oliver Templar’s Primary Tier teachers describe him as a student who exemplifies the school core values as a strong leader in the classroom. He is empathetic and honest as well as an exceptional teammate when working on group activities.  He has a contagious enthusiasm for learning, asks thoughtful questions and seeks to understand. This young man is a true role model in human kindness and often makes a special effort to care for the members of his community. Oliver accomplishes all of while maintaining a good sense of humor, which endears him to all around him.

Zelda Brent was the Intermediate Tier Warrior Award winner.  According to her teachers, she never fails to demonstrate all of the AES Core Values.  She is responsible, honest, caring and above all, she is always respectful to her peers and teachers. Zelda achieves academic success through her hard work and perseverance.  She accepts challenges and never gives up.  She has a great sense of humor, a positive attitude and the ability to work collaboratively with others both inside and outside the classroom.

The Middle Tier selection for the Warrior Award is Aaron Desmond. According to his teachers, Aaron exemplifies the AES Core Values.  He is intrinsically motivated to better himself and the world around him.  Last year, during Project Week, the shined as the leader of the Plastic Police and continues to work to raise awareness of the dangers of single use plastic.  This year, he sought out an opportunity to better his coding skills by designing a module where he is rebuilding the school website.  Aaron is an upstanding citizen at AES and is a role model for those around him.

The Ashland Elementary School community is proud of all that these students have accomplished