Congratulations to the Class of 2019

After a welcome message from student Natalie Boyer, several speakers provided encouraging remarks and solid advice for the soon to be high school students. Superintendent Mary Moriarty opened her comments with a reminder to the students that Ashland will always be their true home and urged them to draw strength and comfort from this idyllic community.  She also encouraged the students to make their experience in high school as rich as possible by challenging themselves with new learning and experiences. 

Jocelyn Lyford and Kate VonIderstine, both AES and PRHS graduates were welcomed back to AES as they also provided words of wisdom for the graduates.   Ms. Lyford said, “Everyone’s journey is different in high school, but every single one is memorable.  It all depends on the choices you make and how you apply yourself.”  She then provided the students with a list of things she wished someone had told her before heading to high school. She included tips on staying organized, and finding a healthy balance between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, family time and friend time.

Ms. VonIderstine explained to the graduates that high school is a time for new beginnings with a chance to start fresh.  She ended her comments by saying, “Although this part of your life is coming to an end, your journey has just begun.  The memories and friends you have made at AES will always be a part of who you are.”

Class advisor Lynne O’Brien took a few moments to speak of each graduates strengths and attributes.  She said in closing, “To each of you I say dream big, go after what you want and conquer the world as I know you can.”  Finally, Principal Dr. Shannon Bartlett shared her predictions about these students’ future plans.  Her aspirations for these young men and women included careers such as novelist, US Supreme Court lawyer, world famous artist and leading actress in the role of Elsa in the Broadway musical frozen.  Her final prediction for these students was, “In the future these awesome graduates will be happy which means that my ultimate dream form them will have come true.”

Mrs. Christine Cilley, of the Ashland Dupuis Cross American Legion Post 15, presented Natalie Boyer with the Legion’s Certificate for Distinguished Achievement.  This award is presented to honor a graduating student’s citizenship, courage, honor, scholarship and service. The recipient of this distinguished accolade is also presented with a medallion, a monetary award and their name is entered on a plaque at AES.

Mr. Glenn Dion, Chair of the Ashland School Board, along with Principal Dr. Shannon Bartlett and School Counselor Carrie Sanborn presented diplomas to each student. 

The students along with their families, community members and school staff then enjoyed the traditional, often sentimental and sometime humorous slideshow featuring each class member from their early years to the present.