Ashland Elementary School COVID-19 Dashboard

Reporting procedures for positive COVID-19 results, travel outside of New England
and/or close contact with a person who has tested postive for COVID-19.

Superintendent Correspendence to AES Families and Staff

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February 1, 2021 Update on COVID-19 case at AES from Superintendnet Mary Moriarty

Confirmed Active Cases of COVID-19 in the Building                               

Cummulative Cases of  Covid-19 in the Building                           

Link to Active Cases by Town/County                                        


Link to Cumulative by Town/County


New Hampshire Depart of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Schools Dashboard






Confirmed means the Department of Health and Human Services has verified the results as a positive for COVID-19. 
A range of 1 – 4 will be used to for results 4 or less in order to be sensitive to how a small number impacts privacy. Information is only reported for individuals who are physically in person.

Additional Resources:

AES School Opening Plan as approved by School Board

A Parent's Guide:  When to stay home, get tested and return

Covid-19 Team:
Kelly Avery, Associate Principal
Steve Guyer, Interim Principal
Trish Temperino, Assistant Superintendant
Sue Rubbe, RN
Tim Paquette, Facilities Director
Chief Will Ulwick, Ashland Police Department
Chief Steve Heath, Ashland Fire Department
Lester Brent, Technology Director
Jacqui McGettigan, Office Manager

Covid-19 2020-2021 Meeting Notes

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December 10, 2020

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