AES Science Class Teams Up With Ashland Fire Department for Science Activity

Ashland Elementary School students in grades 4 and 5 have been investigating speed velocity, gravity and impact.  With the help of members of the Ashland Fire Department, the students had the opportunity to test their knowledge. Mr. Jim Wenhart, Science Teacher, explained that the students were challenged to create a protective covering that would keep an egg safe when dropped from the top of the ladder truck.  The students did such a great job that the ladder to be raised several times before any eggs were broken.  Students and community members had a great time learning and working together.

Many thanks to Chief Steve Heath, firefighter Zack Remick and Officer Bethany Franz Morin from the Ashland Police Department for their help with this learning experience.

The Egg Drop is usually held outside of the AES Playground, however, to allow for proper social distancing the event was moved to the town park.