2017 Project Week


Project Week Team Descriptions


Heart of the Crossover

This team would like to learn how basketball coaches prepare players during offseason training, pre-season training and conditioning throughout the season.  They plan to visit with coaches and players at high schools and colleges such as New Hampton Prep and the University of New Hampshire. They hope to spend time with coaches and players who are connected to Division I colleges.

Mr. Roboto

This team hopes to learn how to make robotic machines that perform a specific task.  These learners will be using motors, legos, coding, and kits to build the robots.  They hope to visit other places that build robotic machines and learn what makes robots, robots. 

Straight Outta Ashland (SOA)

Have you ever wanted to be pushed beyond your limits?  Do you even know what your limits are?  Are you ready to find out what you are really made up?  This team will dive to the depths of Geneva Point, push through a Navy Seal training experience, and fall from the sky at SkyVenture NH.  These learners will test their mental and physical limits to the absolute 

The Wordsmiths (In collaboration with Snap Shot and Metamorphosis)

This team will design, create and publish a multidimensional magazine.  This publication will include makeup tutorials, photography, writing and art. Team members will learn about marketing techniques to advertise the magazine and its content.  Learners in this group will visit places for creative writing inspiration and will work with a writer in residence to develop creative writing techniques.  They will also develop and graphic design skills by visiting New Hampshire Magazine's headquarters and meeting with their staff.   The end goal is to revise, edit and publish a successful magazine in collaboration with other Project Week Teams.


Snap! Ohh, Snap!  That's the sound of the camera going. This team recognizes that new places hold new discoveries and that everyone likes pretty photos.  Their two objectives are to learn about new regions and how to take quality photos. Their goal is to use these images to entice others to visit the places in the photos. In addition to taking photos, these learners would like to use persuasive writing skills to convince others to explore these areas of New England.  Snapshot team members will work with the Wordsmiths Team to create a magazine and travel brochure.


Have you ever watched a scary movie and wondered how they make the actors look scary?  Learners in this group will be working on designing a "special effects look" using different types of makeup including contour, liquid latex, eye shadow and more.  They plan to create a variety of special effects ranging from fantasy to horror.  Their goal is to create a special effect makeup tutorial with step by step instructions to complete the look.  This team will work with the Wordsmiths Team to incorporate a makeup section into the magazine. They also hope to learn about theater makeup.  Their plan includes a trip to see a performance and watch as the makeup artists apply makeup to the actors.  Ultimately, they hope to apply what they learn by helping with make up for a local performance.